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Patty Jensen
Patty earned her BA in Marketing and Communications from the University of Michigan. She and her husband now co-own a graphic design firm in Long Beach, California, where Patty handles the business aspect of the company, while her husband is in charge of the creative side. Although she is surrounded by creativity every day, she spent a long time searching for her own creative outlet. After purchasing several beaded pieces from local artists to add to her jewelry collection, she thought she might try her hand at creating her own jewelry. Ever since, she has enjoyed beading and making her own beads as a hobby. She works most often with semi-precious stones, Swarovski® crystal, Austrian crystal, and Czech glass. She also enjoys creating her own beads with polymer clay and other materials. Her work has been very well-received by her friends, so with their encouragement, as well as her husband’s, Patty created Stranded so that she could share her work with more people. In order to add variety to Stranded’s offerings, she has opened the site to other artists who share her passion for beadwork.

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